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“Regardless of your party affiliation or sympathies, allowing legislative or congressional districts to be controlled by any political party simply isn’t right.  Ohioans have changed that for General Assembly districts. It’s time to move on to congressional seats.” June 9, 2017 Marietta Times editorial

“We encourage citizens to support not only the efforts to get the redistricting measure on the ballot but to vote for it once they’re in the voting booth. If we want to start chipping away at the problems of our nation, if we truly wish to, as the saying goes, ‘drain the swamp,’ fair legislative districts is a fantastic place to start.” May 31, 2017 Ashtabula Star Beacon editorial 

“Ohioans of every political stripe should embrace this opportunity to slay the gerrymander and end rigged elections.”  April 30, 2017 Columbus Dispatch editorial 

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