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“Regardless of your party affiliation or sympathies, allowing legislative or congressional districts to be controlled by any political party simply isn’t right.  Ohioans have changed that for General Assembly districts. It’s time to move on to congressional seats.” June 9, 2017 Marietta Times editorial

“We encourage citizens to support not only the efforts to get the redistricting measure on the ballot but to vote for it once they’re in the voting booth. If we want to start chipping away at the problems of our nation, if we truly wish to, as the saying goes, ‘drain the swamp,’ fair legislative districts is a fantastic place to start.” May 31, 2017 Ashtabula Star Beacon editorial 

“Ohioans of every political stripe should embrace this opportunity to slay the gerrymander and end rigged elections.”  April 30, 2017 Columbus Dispatch editorial 

Other Media Hits

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Media Hits

New York Times, column by Adam Liptak, When Does Political Gerrymandering Cross a Constitutional Line?, May 15, 2017
Columbus  Dispatch, Fairer Districts Would Be a Refreshing Twist, April 30, 2017
Dayton Daily, op-ed, Freedom Caucus Shows Corrosive Effects of Gerrymandering, April 19, 2017
Akron Beacon Journal, Sound Redistricting Loses An Ally, March 10, 2017
Cleveland Plain Dealer, Column by Thomas Suddes, The Redistricting Formulas in Ohio That Serve the Parties, Not the People, February 19, 2017
Washington Post, op-ed, Gerrymandering Is the Biggest Obstacle to Genuine Democracy in the United States. So Why Isn’t Anyone ‘Protesting?, February 10, 2017
Lima News, Letter to the editor, No Place for Gerrymandering, February 7, 2017
Canton Repository, It’s Time for Ohio Lawmakers to Reform Congressional Redistricting, January 29, 2017
Herald-Star, Time for Action on Redistricting, January 21, 2017
Intelligencer Wheeling News-Register, Find New Plan for Redistricting, January 12, 2017
Columbus Dispatch, Lawmakers Should Reform Redistricting, January 8, 2017
Akron Beacon Journal, New Face, Same Statehouse Opposition to Redistricting Reform, January 4, 2017
Cincinnati Enquirer, A Solution for Fed Up Voters, December 18, 2016
New York Times, Where Unfair Voting Practices Begin, December 3, 2016
Findlay-Hancock County-Northwest Ohio The Courier, Finish the Job, November 15, 2016
Akron Beacon Journal, Go To the Ballot to Repair U.S. House Districts in Ohio, November 6, 2016
Columbus Dispatch, Redistricting Reform Hasn’t Gone Away, October 23, 2016
Akron Beacon Journal, House Elections for the U.S. House in Ohio Are Rigged, October 23, 2016
Columbus Dispatch, Initiative Threat Should Spur Reform, July 25, 2016
Akron Beacon Journal, Take Repair of Redistricting to the Ballot, July 24, 2016
Canton Repository, Running Out the Clock on Congressional Redistricting, April 18, 2016
Star Beacon, Time to Move on Kasich’s Call, April 10, 2016
Akron Beacon Journal editorial, No Time to Slow Walk Congressional Redistricting Reform, April 9, 2016
Akron Beacon Journal editorial, One Man, No Vote or How Speaker Rosenberger Stands in the Way of Congressional Redistricting Reform, February 18, 2016
Canton Repository editorial, A Push for Congressional Redistricting Reform, January 25, 2016
Columbus Dispatch editorial, Help to End Gerrymandering, January 24, 2016
Toledo Blade editorial, Restoring Democracy in Ohio, January 7, 2016
Columbus Dispatch editorial, Map-drawing Fix Needed, January 3, 2016
Akron Beacon Journal editorial, How the Governor Could Be Helpful in Repairing Congressional Redistricting Reform, December 27, 2015

Recent News

Toledo Blade, Drug-Cost Issue First to Qualify for Ohio Ballot, May 13,2017
WVXU”s Cincinnati Edition, Proposals to Change How Congressional Districts Are Drawn, May 8, 2017
Associated Press, Ohio Attorney General Rejects Initial Summary for Redistricting Ballot Proposal, May 5, 2017
Ohio Public Radio, Groups Pushing Congressional Redistricting Reform Dealt Big Setback in Effort Toward 2017 Ballot, May 5, 2017
Columbus Dispatch, DeWine Ruling Dashes Hopes of 2017 Redistricting Vote, May 4, 2017
Plain Dealer, Ohio Attorney General Rejects Congressional Redistricting Amendment Language, May 4, 2017
All Sides with Ann Fisher on WOSU, Ohio Congressional Redistricting Reform with Professor Dan Tokaji and Common Cause Ohio’s Sam Gresham, May 2, 2017
Athens News, Former Congressman Rails Against Gerrymandering and Money in Politics, April 30, 2017
Business Insider, Kasich Unloads on ‘Horrific’ Gerrymandering, April 26, 2017
Ohio Public Radio, Ohio Organizations Ban Together on Congressional Redistricting Reform, April 26, 2017
Columbus Dispatch, Signatures Filed for Ohio Congressional Redistricting Issue, April 25, 2017
Clermont Sun, Protesters Send Letter to Speaker Rosenberger on Gerrymandering, April 20, 2017
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Gerrymandering, April 9, 2017, NSFW
All Sides with Ann Fisher on WOSU, Ohio Congressional Redistricting segment with the Dispatch’s JIm Siegel, State Senator Frank LaRose, Common Cause Ohio’s Catherine Turcer, and Brian Olson, software engineer, March 21, 2017 
Slate, Fixing Gerrymandering Doesn’t Just Make Elections More Fair, March 20, 2017
Columbus Dispatch, Capitol Insider: Purple Fades from Ohio, US Election Maps, March 12, 2017
Columbus Dispatch, One Way or Another Ohioans Could Vote on Congressional Redistricting, March 11, 2017
Columbus Alive, Ohio Congressional Representatives Have So Far Resisted Calls for Reform, March 8, 2017
Cleveland Plain Dealer, How Gerrymandered Ohio Congressional Districts Limit the Influence of Ohio Voters, March 7, 2017
Columbus Dispatch, Stark Differences Divide Ohio’s GOP, Democratic Legislative Districts, March 5, 2017
Dayton Daily News, State Lawmaker Moves to Eliminate Gerrymandered Districts, March 4, 2017
Ohio Public Radio, Statehouse News Bureau, Democrats Skeptical that Republican Backed Redistricting Plan, March 3, 2017 
WYSO, Congressional Reformists To Meet in Dayton, March 2, 2017
Akron Beacon Journal, Congressional Redistricting Reform Open to Debate, March 2, 2017
Highland County Press, LaRose Introduces Congressional Redistricting Reform Proposal, March 1, 2017
Cleveland Plain Dealer, Congressional Redistricting Plan Would Leave Ohio Lawmakers in Charge, March 1, 2017
Chronicle of Higher Education, Meet the Math Professor Who’s Fighting Gerrymandering with Geometry, February 22, 2017
Washington Post, Gerrymandering Valentines Prove Nothing Says ‘I Love You’ Like Gerrymandering, February 14, 2017
Dayton Daily News, Ohio May Change The Way Congressional Districts Are Drawn, January 29, 2017
Dayton Daily News, Kasich No Longer Plans to Put Congressional Redistricting Reform in His Budget, January 26, 2017
Dayton Daily News, How Many Republicans and Democrats Can You Shove into a Congressional District?, January 26, 2017
Columbus Dispatch, Congressional Redistricting Reform Reaches Stage of “Serious” Discussion, January 25, 2017
Ohio Public Radio, Governor Kasich Wants Congressional Redistricting in Ohio Budget, January 5, 2017
Columbus Dispatch, Kasich Wants Congressional Redistricting Reform in State Budget, January 5, 2017
Springfield News-Sun, Five Things We Learned about John Kasich During Lengthy Press Conference, January 5, 2017
Cleveland Plain Dealer, Gov. John Kasich to Include Congressional Redistricting Reform in Budget, January 5, 2017
Columbus Dispatch, Redistricting Reform Could Reduce Blowouts in Ohio Elections, November 20, 2016
WOSU’s All Sides with Ann Fisher, Gerrymandering and Redistricting Across the Country, November 17, 2016
Cleveland Plain Dealer, Ohio Congressional Redistricting Reform Advocates Release Draft Ballot Measure, October 31, 2016
Akron Beacon Journal, Competition Doesn’t Exist in Ohio Races for Federal and State Offices, October 29, 2016
Cincinnati Enquirer, Election Likely to Be a First for Ohio, September 21 , 2016
Cleveland Plain Dealer, Four Reason’s Ohio’s Congressional Races are a Snoozefest This Year, September 14, 2016
Columbus Dispatch letter to the editor, Computer Won’t End Gerrymandering, September 14, 2016
Ohio Public Television, State of Ohio (Starts at 26:45), September 9, 2016 
Cleveland Plain Dealer, column by Thomas Suddes, Steve LaTourette Defied the Gerrymandering Norm, August 8, 2016
Common Cause Ohio’s Catherine Turcer, Retire ‘Gerrymander’ Out of Ohio’s Political Lexicon, July 24, 2016
Ohio Public Radio, Voter Groups Discuss Ballot Initiative If Lawmakers Don’t Act on Congressional Redistricting, July 14, 2016
Columbus Dispatch, Group Eyes Signature Drive if Congressional Redistricting Fizzles, July 14, 2016
Cleveland Plain Dealer, Ohio Congressional Redistricting Reform Advocates Threaten Ballot Measure if Legislature Doesn’t Act, July 14, 2016
Columbus Dispatch letter to the editor, Legislators Lax on Redistricting, May 16, 2016
Cleveland Plain Dealer letter to the editor, Don’t Delay Congressional Redistricting Reform, May 6, 2016
Cincinnati Enquirer letter to the editor, Quit Playing Games on Redistricting, May 6, 2016
Columbus Dispatch, Expert Says Ohio Lawmakers Already Don’t Draw Congressional Districts, April 26, 2016
Columbus Dispatch, Ohioans  in U.S. House Ambivalent on Altering Redistricting, April 17, 2016
Columbus Dispatch letter to the editor, Redistricting Should Be Nonpartisan Issue, April 17, 2016
Dayton Daily News, Caution Urged in Redistricting Congressional Seats, April 17, 2016
Columbus Dispatch, Once Again, Panel Takes No Action on Redistricting, April 15, 2016
Columbus Dispatch, Capitol Insider: Ohio Legislators Giving Cold Shoulder to Kasich proposals, April 10. 2016
Youngstown Vindicator, Congress Mapping Stalled, April 9, 2016
Associated Press, Ohio’s Kasich Calls for Congressional Redistricting Changes, April 7, 2016
Associated Press & Ohio Public Radio, Kasich State of State Speech Focuses on Tax Cuts & Redistricting, April 7, 2016
Dayton Daily News, Ohio’s Kasich Calls for Congressional Redistricting Changes, April 7, 2016
Cleveland Newsnet 5, Supreme Court Rules on Redistricting Regarding Area’s Total Population, April 5,20016
Mansfield Journal, “Call to Action” Meeting Held, February 18,2016
Ohio Public Radio, Congressional Redistricting Splits Ohio Republicans, February 15, 2016
Columbus Dispatch, Vote Delayed on Congressional Redistricting Recommendation, February 5, 2016
Ohio Public Radio, Plan to Change Congressional Redistricting Process Hits a Snag, February 4, 2016
Akron Beacon Journal, Ohio Poised to Take Partisan Politics out of Congressional Redistricting, January 16, 2016
Columbus Dispatch, Panel Weighs Congressional Redistricting, January 15, 2016
Columbus Dispatch, Former Gov. Voinovich Joins Call for Congressional Redistricting Reform, January 13, 2016
Dayton Daily News, Kasich’s Nod Toward Fixing Redistricting Reform, January 2, 2016
WYSO, After Issue 1, What’s Next?, December 31, 2015
AP, Calls for Congressional Redistricting Reform Gaining Steam in Ohio, December 29, 2015
Ohio Capitol Blog/ Dix, Ohio Gov. John Kasich Voices Support for Redistricting Reform , December 29, 2015
Columbus Dispatch, End Gerrymandering, Kasich Says, December 26, 2015
Ohio Public Radio, Kasich Calls for Dramatic Reform to Congressional Redistricting , December 22, 2015
Ohio Public Radio, Year in Review: Redistricting Changes Are Coming for State Legislature But Not Congress Yet,.December 22, 2015